Undeclared square: The six SOS to complete the data – When does the deadline expire?

More than 700.000 property owners have additionally stated 16,3 millions of square meters of buildings and land in hundreds of municipalities across the country.

Property owners have submitted statements of correction of property area data on the specially designed platform of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities. The regulation legislated by the Minister of Interior Takis Theodorikakos expires on 31 August.

According to KEDE statistics from 27-2-2020 until 21-7-2020 have been temporarily stored or have been permanently submitted to the KEDE platform 823.397 correction statements sq.m.. real estate. From these statements, the 706.183 have been submitted definitively and have been accepted, the 4.353 the rest were rejected 112.861 are temporarily stored. At 706.183 final submissions were included in total 62.851.103 square meters of electrified property surfaces. These declared surfaces are larger by 16.293.501 sq.m.. or against 35% from those that were declared to the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) and consequently in the municipalities. It is noted that these data do not include the additional sq.m.. included in others 112.000 statements, which have been submitted by hand, in printed form, in the municipalities after the arrival of the interested owners to the competent services.

The owners who have already declared in their municipalities, through the electronic platform of KEDE, In addition 16,29 million square meters of electrified real estate made use of the favorable provision of paragraph 2 of the article 51 of N.. 4647/2019, for the voluntary disclosure of the actual surfaces of their properties. This provision provides, specifically, that every citizen who has declared in the municipalities less square meters than he has declared to the tax office, for one or more of his properties, can submit -in an electronic platform that operates on the website of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (ΚΕΔΕ)- corrective statements in each municipality in which it has such properties, to "reveal" the undeclared ("Forgotten") square meters of their surfaces. The voluntary disclosure of the real surfaces of all the properties can be done without charging the owner with fines and retroactive charges of municipal taxes and municipal fees for the five years 2015-2019. In addition, according to the same favorable arrangement, any citizen who has not even declared one or more of his properties in the relevant municipality, even arbitrary - tidy or not - buildings, he can also submit a statement through which he will reveal the surfaces of his undeclared real estate. In this case, too, the declaring owner is exempt from fines and retroactive charges of municipal taxes and municipal fees for the five years 2015-2019.


The owners who submit these declarations are charged only with the amounts of municipal taxes and fees, which correspond to the additional declared sq.m.. and relate to time periods from 1-1-2020 onwards.

Excluded are those who declare properties whose electricity supply has been cut off in the past. Provided for these owners:

a) exemption from municipal taxes and municipal fees both before 1-1-2020 and from 1-1-2020 and until the date of re-electrification,

b) obligation to pay Real Estate Fee (ΤΑΠ) retroactively and for the entire power outage.

In addition, those who declare never electrified real estate are still exempt from municipal taxes and fees, but not from the TAP, which they have to pay for all time periods from 1-1-2020 onwards.

The process

Η ηλεκτρονική πλατφόρμα για την υποβολή των δηλώσεων λειτουργεί στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση https://tetragonika.govapp.gr/. Any interested property owner can - with the codes he has to access the services of TAXISnet- to enter the specific electronic platform and to declare responsibly to the relevant municipality, complementary or even initial, the actual current area of ​​each property that is electrified or not, or it was never electrified, neat or not. The area declared must coincide with the area declared in E9.

Due to the direct connection of the application with the electronic databases of E9 and the municipalities, the direct cross-checking of their data and the personal responsibility of the declarant for the accuracy of the declared data, Citizens are not required to come in person to any service or to submit a supporting document. Any statement of correction of real estate surfaces, as soon as it is submitted, is forwarded by AADE to the Revenue Service of the relevant municipality for processing and calculation of any due amount of TAP as well as of the municipal taxes and municipal fees due from 1st-1-2020. The interested owner is also informed about the result of the calculation.

The six SOS components to complete the components

Interested owners should, when completing and submitting the declarations to the municipalities, pay particular attention to the following 6 six points:

1) In the electronic platform of KEDE must be declared additional differences of square meters so that the declared areas of real estate in the municipalities are in complete agreement with the areas that have been declared in E9 of the tax office.. particularly, must be declared:

* differences in areas that did not appear declared in the municipalities due to the submission of incorrect or inaccurate declarations,

* additional surfaces resulting from arbitrary settlements,

* surfaces of entire undeclared real estate.

2) Surfaces of all kinds of buildings must be declared on the KEDE platform, either legal or arbitrary even unregulated or legalized, inside or outside the project. Properties must be declared, that is,, in their actual state.

3) Those owners who own ancillary spaces in apartment buildings, such as underground garages or warehouses powered by shared clocks, now have the opportunity to declare these spaces on the electronic platform of KEDE as electrified.

4) Those owners who have changed use in their properties, e.g. from a professional home to a home or vice versa, can not declare this change on the KEDE platform. In order to do so, they will have to come to the municipalities in person. Especially the owners whose properties have changed use, from a professional roof to a house, they should definitely declare this change to the municipalities by coming to the competent services with all the required supporting documents, as the municipal fees charged for business premises are in most cases four times or even five times the municipal fees applicable to residences.

5) Any change of right on the property, e.g. from full ownership to usufruct, can not be declared on the electronic platform of KEDE.

6) The fines for non-declaration to the municipalities of electrified real estate areas are exorbitant. Regarding the ARF, Failure to declare a surface for a period of five years implies the imposition of a fine which may reach the 200% of the corresponding TAP, while in terms of municipal fees, the fine can reach 100% of the corresponding amount. Therefore, The owners who will submit to their municipalities declarations of voluntary disclosure of the real surfaces of their real estate will be spared from the payment of all these exorbitant fines as it will be enough to pay only the additional amounts of municipal fees and TAP corresponding to the additional sq.m.. και μόνο για τις περιόδους από την 1η-1-2020 και μετά (όχι αναδρομικά για την πενταετία 2015-2019).

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