Reversals at the age limits: The five categories of insured that are "saved"

There are five categories of insured that are "saved" from the changes that will be made from January 1 2022 in the pension system and in particular in the age limits.

These are the changes that provide for the universal application of this retirement scheme from 62 years with 40 years of service or in 67 years with 15 years of minimum insurance. According to the labor expert, George Romania, There are five categories of policyholders that survive the impending changes. particularly:

– The first category includes those who have retirement years until 31/12/2012 and can retire regardless of age limit even after 2022.

– The second category includes those who complete a certain number of pensionable years and age limit at any time and after 31/12/2022.

– The third category includes those who have pensionable years up to 31/12/2012 and up 18/8/2015 meet the age limit and can apply at any time ( with old boundaries, before 18/8/2015).

– The fourth category includes those who have pensionable years up to 31/12 /2012 but have not reached the age limit by 18/8/2015 These insured persons are subject to the age limits of the transitional provisions. Whenever they reach the age limit even if it is after 2022 , retain the right to retire.

– The fifth category includes those who have pensionable years up to 31/12/2012 but based on the new age limits of N. 4336/2015 can apply after 31/12 /2022.

It should be noted that they are explicitly excluded from the projected increase in age limits:

– Those who belong to heavy and unhealthy professions

– the insured who are subject to general, special or statutory retirement provisions as mothers and widowed fathers incapable of any livelihood work for children.

On the contrary, the following two categories are in the grip of the new retirement limits. Analytically:

1.Those who had retirement years up to 31/12/2012 but had not reached the age limit. These insured persons must apply when they reach the age limit.

2. Those who in the period of the transitional provisions had not reached either the age limit or the pensionable years. Those who complete after 2022 New age limits are affected. They can retire at 67 with 15 at least years of insurance or in 62 with reduced pension or with full if they have 40 pensionable years.

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