Special purpose compensation: These workers go on strike in November

The extension of the suspensions of employment contracts and the payment of the special purpose compensation amount 534 and in November the government will announce in the coming days.

particularly, η αναστολή των συμβάσεων εργασίας των εργαζομένων και η καταβολή της αποζημίωσης ειδικού σκοπού ύψους 534 forecast today until October. The government and specifically the Ministry of Labor and Finance are expected to extend the measure in November. However, As part of the new measures that will be announced, there is expected to be a relevant JMC for seasonal workers who at the moment can not be suspended from their employment contracts as the companies they worked for have closed..

So the next period is expected :

– to be given to seasonal employees of closed companies to submit unilaterally responsible declarations in order to be given the special purpose compensation amounting to 534 euro

– extend the suspension of employment contracts and in November for employees who are open companies. The measure of suspension of employment contracts concerns companies belonging to the food industry, of tourism, of Transportation, of the civilization, of sports and any other sector affected by KAD, as well as reopening seasonal hotel accommodation and tour buses.

Note that companies belonging to the food industry, of tourism, of Transportation, of the civilization, of sports and any other sector affected by KAD as well as re-operating seasonal hotels and tour buses submit their employees' suspense declarations by Saturday 24 October. Respectively, the employees submit their own statements on the electronic platform supportemployees.services.gov.gr until Sunday 25 October.

Companies submit the special form "Statement of suspension of employment contracts from 1/8/2020 and after "and declare their employees whose employment contract has been suspended either for the entire month of September or at intervals within the same month. In case of suspension of the employment contract of the employee throughout the month, the company submits only one declaration.

In case of suspension of an employee for more than one period of time within the month, the company - employer submits as many statements as the time intervals.

For example:

Suspension of employment contract throughout the month (1/9/2020-30/9/2020): 1 suspension statement. Suspension for 3 time lapses, e.g. from 1/9/2020 – 8/9/2020, 13/9/2020-17/9/2020 and 25/9/2020-30/9/2020: 3 suspension statements. After the declaration of the suspension of the contract by the company to "Ergani" the employees who have previously submitted a declaration are not required to make a new declaration unless they wish to modify their details. (e.g. IVAN). Only employees whose employment contract is suspended for the first time are required to submit the responsible statement to the platform supportemployees.services.gov.gr.

Fixed-term employment contracts of employees in employers 'companies that expire after the prohibition of the business activity of the employers' companies, suspended. After the end of the suspension period, the employment contracts are continued for the agreed time remaining. Employers are obliged not to make staff reductions by terminating employment contracts. In case of their realization, these complaints are invalid.

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