Incest to a 5-year-old in Koropi: What the minor allegedly said to her mother

Revelations about the incident of indecency against a 5-year-old girl by a 19-year-old Pakistani are shocking, on Saturday morning at an equestrian club in Koropi. The accused has allegedly confessed to his act and has already been remanded in custody.

Mother and daughter had gone to the equestrian club to make small contact with the animals and to ride. During their visit, The 5-year-old fed some small horses that existed and started walking around the facility in order to feed other animals that existed.. The 19-year-old Pakistani appears, Nevertheless, how he was watching her and as soon as the minor disappeared from her mother's field of vision, managed to isolate her in a relatively deserted spot of the equestrian group.

There, according to what the 5-year-old allegedly told her mother later, the young man removed her clothes from the waist down and leaned on him. When the minor reacted and cried, he dressed her and let her go believing that she would not be revealed. However, The 5-year-old told her mother what exactly and at the spot police officers arrived who located the 19-year-old Pakistani and handcuffed him.

During his apology to an investigator and prosecutor, he allegedly confessed to the act and was taken to prison., while the security police make a leaf and a feather of his past to find out if he is involved in another similar case.

What the forensic examination showed

The little girl was examined by a medical examiner, who reportedly found no signs of rape but sexual acts and incest. However the charge for cases of minors under 12 years is rape. Specialist psychologist of EL.AS.. was "present" in the deposit process and we psychologically assisted the minor.

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