The number of intubated is increasing – How many are unvaccinated

Although yesterday the cases decreased, inlets and intubated, with the percentage of unvaccinated patients being treated reaching 92%.

The balance of imports and discharges remains high, as a result, the NSS is under pressure. The admissions of new patients have reached them 1.840, while the discharges due to coronavirus healing were 1.485, with the reason of admission of new patients to discharge is 1.24.

And although the positivity index in the last week shows a downward trend, the number of intubated remains increased, as they reached them 346, at a time when new imports due to coronavirus were 267, something that shows rise +11.72%.

The worrying thing of yesterday's report of EODY is the fact that the percentage of unvaccinated or partially vaccinated patients who are treated by intubation in the hospitals of the territory reaches the 92,2% and just the 7,8% are fully vaccinated.

In the whole territory, the fullness of Covid ICUs amounts to 68%. The same percentage in Attica is estimated at 73%, while the fullness of ICU beds in Thessaloniki 65%. End, according to official figures, in Crete the fullness of ICUs is 76%.



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