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Strict ECDC warning to control Delta variant spread

Strict warning to EU Member States not to withdraw non-pharmacological measures to curb the virus, on the other hand to accelerate the vaccination of the population and especially of vulnerable groups, απηύθυνε εκ νέου σήμερα η επικεφαλής του Ευρωπαϊκού Κέντρου Ελέγχου Νόσων (ECDC) Dr. Andrea Amon, two days after the official risk assessment report from the spread of the variant “delta” in the EU, from which one dose does not protect, but the full vaccination.

Specifically, in a videotaped message the head of the ECDC said: “SARS-CoV-2 variants are occurring at a significant rate worldwide. The ECDC is constantly analyzing the features of these variants to quickly inform public health authorities in the European Union”.

Dr. Andrea Amon emphasizes that this development “may jeopardize our efforts to control the pandemic and require immediate action based on available scientific evidence”, noting that “the delta variant is more contagious than other variations on the market and we estimate that by the end of August, will represent the 90% of all the coronavirus variants circulating in the European Union”.

“Unfortunately, Preliminary data suggest that it may also infect people who have received only one dose of the available vaccines”, warned.

“It is very likely that the delta variant will be released extensively during the summer, especially among younger people who have not yet been targeted for vaccination. This could be dangerous, or the most vulnerable people to become infected and experience serious illness and death, if they have not been fully vaccinated”.

She stressed that “The good news is that having received two doses of any of the currently available vaccines provides high protection against this variant and its effects.”.

However, “about the 30% of individuals, age over 80 years and, about the 40% of individuals, age over 60 years have not been fully vaccinated in the European Union. There are still many people at risk of serious COVID-19 infection”, pointed out.

He called on the authorities to protect them as soon as possible until most vulnerable people are fully vaccinated..

“We must keep delta virus circulation low by strictly following public health measures, which work to control the effects of other variants”, clarifies.

“It is very important to proceed with the vaccination campaign at a very high rate. At this stage it becomes vital that the second dose of vaccine is given within the minimum time allowed after the first dose to speed up the protection of vulnerable people.. I know that this requires a significant effort by public health authorities and society at large to achieve this goal., but now is the time to walk the extra mile. We have enough safe and effective vaccines and any infection that is prevented through our compliance with public health measures is a life that can be saved by vaccination.”, concluded.


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