Assassination of Dimitris Graikou – His brother breaks out: His killer accomplices are free

The family of the breeder who was found buried with his car speaks to "R" in view of the trial

The case of the murder of 59-year-old businessman Dimitris Graikos is being taken to the courtroom, which had shocked the whole of Greece and on 2,5 years was a puzzle for the judicial authorities.

Next Wednesday, 9 September, will sit on the bench 46-year-old meat trader charged with premeditated murder, while the victim's family insists there were accomplices, who to this day remain inconceivable.

The 59-year-old in May 2019 was found buried with his vehicle in the village of Anatoliko, outside Thessaloniki, next to the livestock unit of the 46-year-old defendant, where, after two and a half years, confessed to his heinous act. The way in which the crime was committed led from the first moment the victim's family to the conclusion that some people helped the accused to disappear the traces.

"He was playing theater"

For the victim's brother, Nikos Graikos, the trial is expected to be the beginning of the end of the nightmare he has been living in recent years. "We are waiting for the trial and the final conviction of the man who killed and buried our brother alive. He worked for us for three and a half years. He was playing theater. What happened to our family we can not overcome. Our brother was not sick and he died. She killed him. It hit him, stunned him and put him alive in the ground. We believe that he did not commit the crime alone. The accomplices of Dimitris's killer are free ", says Mr.. Greek shortly before the start of the trial, calling on the accused to reveal the truth. He remembers the efforts made by the family, with lawyer Nikos Dialynas and journalist Angeliki Nikolouli, to uncover the crime.

None of them had believed that Dimitris Graikos simply disappeared.

"We pulled the snake out of the hole. Our lawyer and Angeliki Nikolouli. We fought. The killer would still be free. Even so, today we can light a candle in his grave. In this respect, we have calmed down. That we are no longer looking for him ", concludes Mr.. Greek. A show in support of the accusation will be declared - except for the brother of the victim N.. Greek- both his sisters, one of whom resides in Germany, while four other persons have been proposed as witnesses. This is Ag. Nikolouli, which in its series of broadcasts on "Light in the Tunnel" revealed many important facts about the case, Christos Rammos, head of OFKATH volunteers, who took part in the investigations carried out for months in Axios, in Loudias but also in the whole surrounding area, the medical examiner Socrates Tsantiris, who had also been present as the family technical advisor during the autopsy, and a fourth person, expected to submit interesting facts.

Key witness

According to Mr.. Dissolves, who has undertaken the legal representation of the relatives- brothers, he is a key witness in the case. "The witness had spontaneously presented himself to the interrogator and then came to my office. About a year after the murder of Graikos, had been severely beaten by the accused, because he had parked outside the butcher shop he kept in Halkidiki. She was cursing him, he was beaten and only the neighbors managed to save him from the hands of the 46-year-old.

He went to the Health Center, filed a lawsuit and the perpetrator was referred for beating. This fact demonstrates the violent profile of the perpetrator. And we have to take into account that these things happened after the murder of Graikos ", explains Mr.. Dialynas, noting that the trial is expected to unfold the whole tangle of the case and shed light on all its dark spots.

In everything,as to the possible accomplices who helped the perpetrator to disappear both the victim and his vehicle, the well-known lawyer mentions features: "The workers in the livestock unit who we suspect must have helped the perpetrator open the long grave 5 meters and depth 3 meters all disappeared, but we know that they live in a village of Komotini. We have stated these in writing to the Police. The police, however, did not consider it appropriate, but, if an issue of accomplices arises in the audience, they will run and they will not arrive. We believe that the accomplices were two or three and remain free. They need to be investigated ".

It is noted that the trial of the case was initially determined for 20 May, but was not conducted due to the suspension of the courts due to the coronavirus. This time, however, according to all estimates, there will be no postponement, as in 30 November expires in 18 months for the temporary detention of the accused.

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