THE GREEK POLICE.: The details of 12 arrested for the murder of Alkis – See photos


EL.AS published. their identity and photos 12 arrested in the case of the murder of Alkis Kampanos, in the area of ​​Charilaou of Thessaloniki, in the early hours of February 1 2022.

Following a relevant order of the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki, the identity data and the photos were given twelve (12) people , who were arrested in the case of the murder of Alkis Kampanos.

It's about them:

1) ( επ ) GEGA ( ον ) ALEKSANDRO by ARTAN, γεν . 2002 in Albania


2) KAMBO or KAMBO Geraldi or GERALDI by Dimiter or DHIMITER , γεν. 1999 in Albania,

3) VELALOPOULO Alexandros – Elias of Evangelos, γεν. 1997 in Attica,

4) KOUMAROPOULO Ioannis of Paraskeva, γεν. 2001 in Thessaloniki,

5) (επ) DEMIRAZI (ον) ROXHERS of SOTIRAQ , γεν. 2002 in Albania,

6) ΒΑΡΒΕΡΗ – VASILEIADI Ioannis of Nikolaos, γεν. 2001 in Thessaloniki,

7) HATZIKONSTANTINOU Dimitrios of Pavlos, γεν. 2000 in Ptolemaida,

8) BISCO-TOKMAKIDI Constantine of Constantine, γεν. 2000 in Thessaloniki

9) SARAKATSANO Stergios of Evangelos, γεν. 1999 in Serres,

10) KALAITZIDI Nikolaos of Valerios, γεν. 2002 in Thessaloniki,

11) (επ.) JUROVIC (όν.) Odysseus of Jordan, γεν. 2001 in Thessaloniki,

12) (επ.) CARCIU (όν.) AFKSENDOS by ARTUR, γεν. 1999 in Thessaloniki

This publication, in accordance with the relevant Prosecutorial Order, aims to protect society as a whole, of minors, vulnerable or powerless population groups and to facilitate the realization of the State's claim to hell for the crimes committed.

In this context, citizens are kindly requested to contact the telephone numbers 2310-388340 and 2310-388332 of the Crimes against Life Department of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate, to provide any relevant information. It is noted that the anonymity and confidentiality of the communication is ensured.


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