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Vitriol attack in Kallithea: Ioanna starts and remembers, the authorities are close to solving the mystery

34-year-old Ioanna after the initial shock and the incredible pains begins and remembers details from the moment of the attack she received with vitriol from the black-clad woman in Kallithea. Her lawyer, Nikos Alexandris, revealed in Star's main news bulletin that authorities are close to solving the mystery and the woman who threw the vitriol.

As Mr. Alexandris characteristically stated about the situation of the 34-year-old, "Ioanna is helping as much as she can and everyone should understand what has happened. Obviously, when it comes to her mind, she confides it. Who, why, why a man is destroyed ".

About the psychological state of Ioanna, Her lawyer stressed that "She is thinking better. There are several thoughts in her mind and these thoughts inform the police and the police try, as much as he can, to investigate this case. And she is trying to explain, both to herself, as well as the rest ".


So far, three women have been under the microscope, while the authorities are thoroughly analyzing the cameras in order to find the mistake of the black-clad woman that will lead to the decryption and the revelation of her identity..

At the same time, according to what Dikaiologitika News revealed yesterday, The search has also turned to a relative of the 34-year-old.

"They're not looking in the dark Ιωάν Ioanna starts and realizes what happened"

Regarding the development of the case and the new data that emerge and could provide the solution to the riddle, Mr.. Alexandris pointed out that "We are definitely on a much better path than in the beginning. Definitely not looking in the dark, as we were looking for in the early days, so I think in that sense we are on a much better path. I am more optimistic ".

As for how the 34-year-old manages the case, Her lawyer stressed that "she obviously realizes that her life will not be the same. She was a completely normal girl living a normal life. He worked in two jobs. It is questionable how a brain does this damage, it's shocking to think that there are people who will commit such a crime. ", said Mr.. Alexandris.

Police are continuing their investigation and are flipping through the camera and the girl's mobile phone., to clarify the case as quickly as possible.

"When will you catch the one who attacked me?", the 34-year-old constantly asks

According to what the lawyer of the family, Apostolos Lytras, told ANT1, Police do not yet have any information that could lead to their arrest.

Mr.. Lytras also spoke about the situation of the unfortunate Ioanna, saying that her psychology is not good, while the pain continues, as it brings burns to 93% of her face.

Regarding the discussions she has had with her, she said that she is constantly asking "when will the one who attacked me be caught". "It simply came to our notice then, that's what he says now: that her mind can't go anywhere. He didn't know this woman, "he said. Lytras.

However, he noted that in such crimes the perpetrator knew the victim and reiterated that such an act was not justified by anyone or anyone..

End, when asked about what is written about the deposit of a taxi driver who was found at the spot, He clarified that he had no information about such a person who had provided important information.

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The quarantine is extended in the villages of Damaskinia and Dragasia Voio, until 6 April

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