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Thessaloniki: Thriller with the will of a businessman-sports agent – In the courts relatives for property 20 million. euro

The multi-member Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki will discuss the lawsuit of a relative businessman-sportsman who left the property of the amount 20 million to a 49-year-old.

The 89-year-old well-known businessman, sports factor and dof a large group of Thessaloniki, he breathed his last in January 2020.

In his will, he left all his property to a 49-year-old with whom he had entered into a cohabitation agreement just before he breathed his last, according to what his relatives claim.

In accordance with, The 89-year-old's relatives have testified treatment and ask her cancellation of the cohabitation agreement, which he allegedly concluded shortly before his death, despite the very difficult state of his health.

The 89-year-old is said to drafted the day of the cohabitation agreement and his will, in which he left all his assets to the 49-year-old, according to the same information.

The 89-year-old, well-known businessman in the knitting industry and a football player who led a large team in Thessaloniki during the period 1984 – 1989, in which he even donated an area of ​​his property in order to build a training center, he had lost his wife about six years before his death. The couple had no children. The businessman's only relatives were his five nieces, children of his brother and sister.

According to the lawsuit, after the death of his wife, the 89-year-old had taken care of the daily care of one 43 then woman, physiotherapist in a club in Thessaloniki.

According to what is mentioned in the lawsuit, after his death, his nieces, attempted to visit the deceased's home in Panorama, in order to settle various outstanding issues. Then they found out that the house locks had changed.

They then visited the factory premises of the deceased where they were informed that their uncle had in the meantime made a cohabitation agreement with the 49-year-old, most, physiotherapist and also, he allegedly made a will in which he made her the sole heir.

According to what is mentioned in the lawsuit, the 49-year-old, although he had attended businessman's funeral, he had hidden from his nieces what had happened shortly before his death.

According to testimonies contained in the voluminous case file, in the last months of the 89-year-old businessman, since its autumn 2019 έως τον Ιανουάριο του 2020, the following happened:

In September 2019 the businessman, who was suffering from a serious illness, instructed his accountant to hand over everything to his family notary the details of his assets in order for her to write his will. In fact, always according to the testimonies, The 89-year-old explained to the notary that he intends to distribute his property to his nieces.

The meeting to finalize the contents of the will was scheduled for a few weeks later, in October. But at the last minute was canceled as the businessman's health deteriorated and needed to be treated urgently in a private clinic. There, due to the severity of his condition it was deemed necessary to undergo a tracheostomy which caused him to be deaf.

After returning home, met with the notary in mid-December to draft his will. She then found out that it was not possible to make a will as well, due to tracheostomy the businessman could not speak (he had not been fitted with the special valve). Alongside, due to the great deterioration of his health, was unable to make a handwritten will.

However, the day after his meeting with the notary, just before Christmas 2019 The businessman's health deteriorated further and he had to hospitalized, in another private clinic. There, always according to treatment, immediately after the two-day Christmas holiday, the businessman is said to have enter into a cohabitation agreement with the 49-year-old on the same day, to draw up the disputed will. All this takes place in the presence of two notaries and a friend of the businessman. In both of these documents (cohabitation agreement and will) the 89-year-old, instead of a signature, he is said to have put the initials of his name and surname in capital letters.

Shopping 200.000 euro

According to testimony, shortly before the great adventure of his health begins, in its autumn 2019, the businessman allegedly decided to remove the 49-year-old from his side. The reason was the revelation that the 49-year-old had loaded his credit cards with approximately 200.000 which concerned the purchase of raw materials for a tavern which she maintained with a relative in Halkidiki. In the same area where the 89-year-old kept his holiday home.

In fact, always according to the testimonies, her replacement had also been found, a man who would be his guide and helper and at the same time, his nieces were also looking for a domestic helper for household chores. In the meantime though, there was a rapid deterioration in his health and all this was left in the middle.

The assets

According to information, the assets contained in the will in question relate to real estate (large plot with two-storey luxury house in Panorama, large industrial facility, holiday home in Halkidiki, plots, plots of land), cars, shares, mutual funds and of course enough cash. THE their total value is estimated at around twenty million euros.

In addition to the lawsuit, the businessman's nieces have filed lawsuits against the 49-year-old, of the two notaries and his friend who attended the conclusion of the cohabitation agreement and the drafting of the will.

The attorney of the businessman's nieces, Dimitris Papadopoulos Tsagiannis stated: "His nieces have full confidence in Justice and respectfully await her relentless judgment as, because all this time they were by their uncle's side every day, they knew very well his state of health and his inability to draw up the notarial deeds he allegedly drew up. ".

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Παράταση της προθεσμίας υποβολής αιτήσεων έως 31.03.2021, για τη Δράση στήριξης ρευστότητας σε Πολύ Μικρές και Μικρές Επιχειρήσεις που επλήγησαν από την πανδημία Covid-19, από το Ε.Π. West Macedonia 2014-2020

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