Burning from the sun: How to deal with it quickly

You were burned by the sun; The following tips will help you get back faster…

We know very well that we should not spend much time in the sun, especially without wearing sunscreen. Sunburn is never a fun thing to do, as its symptoms are particularly annoying: peeling, pain, itching… How to make it go away quickly;

*With cold water on the burned area, we will be able to relieve the pain immediately. A moisturizer can lock in moisture to the skin and help us even more.

*We use products with aloe, which can relieve the burn, sensitive skin as it heals. But beware of products with strong aromas, which can further irritate the area.

*Some medicines that we know work well are cold oatmeal, like cold tea bags, honey and cow's milk.

*We drink a lot of water, because hydration must be done internally and externally.

*If our skin has started to peel, we leave it as it is. We do not pull it, because we will cause more harm and increase the risk of infection.

*We wear protective clothing when we go out, and make sure the burned areas are covered.

*If the pain is intense, then a simple over-the-counter painkiller can help.

*If you also experience a headache, motion sickness, fever or chills, then the problem may be more serious. It would be good to talk to a doctor.

*You have to be patient, as your skin will gradually recover. The average burn can take up to three days, up to more than a week, depending on its severity.

*If the sun has already burned you once, you know better now, and you must be protected. Therefore, do not ignore these tips and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Source: iatronet.gr

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