New study: Dementia has been on the decline in Europe and the US in recent years

The risk of dementia has been steadily declining over time 25 years in Europe and the USA, although in other parts of the world such as Asia and the N.. America the trend is up, according to a new scientific study.

Despite the lack of effective treatment, the dementia epidemic seems to be receding in several developed countries, according to the unexpectedly optimistic picture of the new research, which contradicts the widespread perception of an incessant tsunami of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Researchers at Harvard University, led by Professor Albert Hoffman, President of the Department of Epidemiology of the School of Public Health, published in the journal Neurology of the American Academy of Neurology, according to the New York Times, evaluated data from seven major surveys, relating to the whole 49.202 people over 65 years, at a depth of at least 15 years (the 4.253 the 8.6% developed dementia during this time).

The new study concluded that a person's risk of developing dementia is declining rapidly 13% per decade. So, is today 13% smaller than,what was 2010, while the risk of developing Alzheimer's is declining rapidly 16% per decade. The 1995 a 75 year old had about 25% chance of developing dementia for the rest of his life, while today the probability has been reduced to 18%.

If this positive trend continues, the study estimates that in a few years they will exist 15 millions less people with dementia in Europe and the US than today. Researchers have found that there are more people with dementia today than ever before, but this is due to the fact that the number of elderly people in the population is constantly increasing. On the other hand though, the chance of the average elderly person getting dementia, seems to be constantly decreasing.

Dr. Hoffman also stated that, contrary to the view that women are more likely to develop dementia than,what men, The new study found that both sexes have the same chance. The confusion has been caused simply because there are more older women than,what men, as they live longer. So, while there is indeed a higher percentage of women with dementia than,what men, the chance of dementia does not differ between the sexes.

There is no clear explanation as to why dementia rates are on the rise in countries such as Japan and China.. On the other, the decline in Europe and the US is attributed, including, in better control of cardiovascular risk factors, especially hypertension and high cholesterol. Also the best educational level probably plays a positive role, which protects the brain more.

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