The Municipality of Voio is preparing a hostel for people positive for the coronavirus


As announced by the Mayor of Voio, Christos Zevklis, Among the measures taken in parallel to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the hostel is being prepared to facilitate those who should be quarantined.. However you are looking for the legal framework of the hostel,while the specific issue will be discussed in the Municipal Council.

The mansion that was built in the middle of the 18th century and functioned as a guest house until the previous period, by an individual, inhabited by the family Ditsiou by Ioannis Tabakopoulos, math teacher of Trabzon High School and the family of Dasikos Harsoulas from Velvento. In his decade 1960 housed the girls' boarding school of the Diocese of Sisani and Siatisi.

The works continue in the mansion that has rooms inside and outside and if everything goes well and the green light is given by EODY, will be the first hostel that will operate a Municipal Authority for people who are positive in covid-19.


ERT KOZANIS : Pension- Despina Amarantidou

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