The ten rules of good parenting

What rules should we keep in mind in order to raise happy and balanced children

What is the best way to raise our children?; Fortunately, there is no single correct answer to this question. Each family has its own values, principles and ideals and around them she builds the way she raises her little ones. But there are some rules that are common to all of us and that we should follow as much as possible in order to create happy, balanced and good characters who can press firmly on their feet.

The 10 rules of good upbringing

Find his strong point

Every child has a talent. Pushing him into activities he enjoys, we strengthen his self-confidence. So, we make it even more capable of coping with failure, but also to try harder when something is more difficult for him.

Invest in rewards

Punishment focuses on the child's negatives and may discourage him instead of making him better. instead, praise for his successes is capable of mobilizing him.

Control your emotions

Anger, Parental sarcasm and humiliation are very frightening experiences for a child. If your little one has problems with discipline, the most effective solution is to speak to him in a calm and steady tone.

Do not compare your children

The last thing you want is to create rivalry between them. Even the most innocent comparison can make them feel that you do not love them as much.

Ask for help

There is no parental filter. At least not in the sense that good parents can spontaneously find solutions to problems that arise.. If you feel that something is difficult for you, seek professional help. It is not a sign of failure, but of real interest to your children.

Pay positive attention

Τα παιδιά έχουν ανάγκη την προσοχή μας. If we do not show it to them when they behave happily, they will make a mess to win it, even in the form of… katsada.

Do not forget his computer

At one time, our parents only worried when we were away from home. Most, There are many reasons to stress even the moments when our little one is alone in front of his computer. Limit the pages he can visit depending on his age and try to have a picture of his behavior on social networks, without becoming offenders. If he feels that you are trying to control it too much, most likely he will soon hide his ζωή digital life. And that can be very dangerous.

Accept the changes - up to a point

Life changes dramatically after the child. The sooner we accept that Saturday nights will no longer look like before, so much the better for all of us. However, we will again have to find time for things that please us, but also to enjoy our relationship with our partner.

Set a good example

No matter how many times you give them the right advice, if you refute it with your actions, your children will imitate what they see and not what they hear.

Do not give up

Unfortunately, many parents reach a point where they raise their hands, believing that they can do nothing to help a child with behavioral problems. This phenomenon occurs mainly in adolescence. However, under the guidance of a specialist, even the most strained parent-child relationship can find the right balance.


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