Petsas: We have the option to impose local lockdown - What he said about SMS and masks

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas left a "window" for the imposition of new measures if the situation with the evolution of the pandemic worsens, speaking to MEGA.

For the reappearance of S.. Tsiodra in the updates for the coronavirus, Mr.. Petsas initially clarified that "Mr.. Tsiodras has been with the government all this time, close to the prime minister and we had very regular talks ".

"We always have the consent of the experts in everything,What are we doing and yesterday's intervention of Mr.. Tsiodra is related to the fact that we have been sounding the alarm for weeks, "And yesterday we had to hit it much harder," the government spokesman said.

"This is because the increase in cases is not attributed to the imported cases as we all feared but because of the relaxation regarding the observance of measures at home," he said..

Mr.. Petsas referred to three areas of concern for the coronavirus:

- the frequent crossings of Greek expatriates and those who have a residence permit in the country and move frequently to Balkan countries

-social gatherings - from bars to weddings and christenings

-public transport.

He announced in advance that the weight will be given there in the next period of time, while he stressed that in order for the measures to work, we must listen to the recommendations of the experts and "S.. Tsiodras is the most suitable to address the citizens ".



"Awakening Week"

This week is wake-up week, noted Mr.. Petsas - we try with our messages and with the announcement of additional measures to awaken the world from complacency.

In order for more "tough measures" to be taken, there must be an impact of the cases on the health system

While he stressed that tougher measures will be taken in case of effects of the cases on the health system. Not only the hospital admissions are monitored daily but also how many of those who need to be treated, end up in ICU or intubated. "Fortunately to date the numbers in ICU and intubated are much lower than at the peak of the March and April pandemic," he said..

"Always in our choices the imposition of local lockdown"

He added, however, that "always in our choices is the imposition of local" lockdowns "in order to guard-encircle cases at the local level and track them".

Asked about the possibility of returning to the mandatory sending of SMS for some categories of citizens, he noted that this is not currently being considered and will only be considered in case of great pressure on the health system..

As for the ships, he noted that "the restriction on occupancy is a harsh measure because we must not ignore that those who gradually left for the islands will have to return for their jobs.". "However, if the measures are not observed inside the ships, then we will examine it "he added.

For the high cost of the disposable mask that burdens households, reminded that citizens can use the fabric masks that we can make ourselves.

"If it is necessary to impose a universal measure for the use of a mask outdoors, then incentives will be considered, mainly to businesses ".

Referring to the Prime Minister's speech on the coronavirus that is expected today, Wednesday, he pointed out in which directions K's speech will move.. Mitsotaki. The prime minister is not expected to announce new measures, and any new measures will be announced by the government.

Regarding the improvement moves of the reform, he stressed that "some corrective moves were needed in a successful scheme".

Landmark, write down, is October where the plans will be submitted to the Commission "for the absorption of the multi-billion. provided by the Recovery Fund ".

Finally, he commented on the Pissaridis plan, noting that "we will gradually reduce taxes and contributions".

Retrospectives will be given by the end of the year, "Difficult for October, most likely in November or December ".

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