Pain in the right side of the abdomen: What can it mean;


We have all felt it at some point. It hurts, it is intense and sudden, it can be annoying or it can split us in two. What can happen when the right side of our abdomen hurts; We have some of the most common causes in a comprehensive list, which will help you better understand what is happening – to know better what to say if you decide to talk to your doctor, in case the pain persists.

At first, do not panic. Sudden pain can be terrifying and make our minds make the worst possible scenarios, but most of the time it is something awkward and temporary, like a muscle caught, indigestion, even gases.

Gases, Well

The stomach is above our navel, therefore gas pain usually strikes the left, but in some cases it can catch the other side. If you have recently consumed foods that cause flatulence (such as broccoli and beans), it may be to blame. If… calm down with a little walking, you will have answered your question.

It can be indigestion

Heartburn high in the abdomen, which can also be transferred to the right side. Indigestion is not a big problem, and it can happen if you eat too fast, if you drink a lot of alcohol or coffee, even if you consume a lot of acidic foods. If you experience indigestion steadily for two weeks, talk to your doctor.

It may be a muscle spasm

If you did very intense aerobic exercise, it might happen, especially if you have not done stretching before, if you exercised after a big meal and if you exercised more intensely than’ The,what your physical condition can withstand. If stretching your arms high helps, that was probably the problem.

It may be a hernia

And this is something that can happen from very intense exercise or if you do some very abrupt movement. When there is a hernia, an organ or tissue “it comes out” outside the muscles that act as a wall.

It may be appendicitis

The usual suspect for pain in the right side. Appendicitis pain usually starts in the navel and continues right and down. You will feel uncomfortable when sitting or lying down. Appendicitis occurs unexpectedly and there are no specific things that will cause it.

It may be a cyst in the ovary

Sometimes ovarian cysts can form, and most of the time they disappear on their own without a sign. But sometimes they are big enough to cause severe pain. If you also have a fever or a tendency to vomit, talk to your doctor.

It may be a kidney stone

The most common pain associated with kidney stones is the one low in the waist, but it also hits low in the abdomen. also, if the stone moves inside the ureter, the pain will shift accordingly.

It may be a gallstone

If the pain is high on the right side of your abdomen, may be due to gallstone. Gallstones form when blood fat levels are particularly high or if you are obese.. A very common sign that the pain comes from this is that you will feel it radiating between your shoulders., with more tension in the right shoulder.


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