What will the opening of the Gymnasiums judge? – Lyceums

"In the air" is the opening of high schools and lyceums as the cases tend to increase while the coronavirus mutation causes concern to experts.

Το άνοιγμα γυμνασίων και λυκείων αναμένεται να απασχολήσει τόσο την επιτροπή των λοιμωξιολόγων όσο και το υπουργικό συμβούλιο, meeting this morning.

The factors that will judge the opening of schools

The axes that will ultimately judge it άνοιγμα γυμνασίων και λυκείων is, as explained by Charalambos Gogos at Mega, on the one hand the epidemiological data, as "several areas are in orange and the potential is to get worse", and on the other "the situation in the health system and how it can cope with any crisis".

As has been pointed out, the high schools of the "red" areas will remain closed and e-learning will continue, while an issue has been created with Attica in which many schools are concentrated and its epidemiological situation is not good.

"We are worried about Attica. It is an urban area where the dispersion is much easier and its restraint is much more difficult "stressed the professor of pathology and infectious diseases at the University of Patras.

It is noted that there is no issue of closing the already open training structures, such as primary schools.

"We were waiting for the increase of cases"

The increase in cases that is observed is expected due to the increased mobility of the holidays and the opening of retail, which will give cases in the coming weeks. Auxiliary to the spread of the pandemic is winter, which creates, among other things, conditions of synergy. "The situation is not good but neither is it dramatic," he said. Gogos.

"Let's talk about catering early"

This data delays the discussion about opening of focus which goes back. Mr.. Gogos clarified that there is no such issue before the end of February.

Delaying vaccination also contributes to this delay, which goes back all the planning for a return to normalcy. "It's too early to talk about focus. The light at the end of the tunnel goes backwards ".


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