The secret in the villa of the 47-year-old pseudo-doctor

New revelations about the pseudo-doctor in the villa where he lived richly himself, with swimming pools and tennis courts. He himself had kept the usufruct of the luxurious residence, while he was in the name of his 12-year-old daughter. The attic hid many secrets about the 47-year-old's actions.

According to a report of the show "With you" on SKAI, the attic hid many secrets about the 47-year-old's actions, whose details are expected to be released by the police next Monday.

As broadcast by the show, candles were found in the attic, candles and Christian icons to be examined by Ministry of Culture officials, in order to ascertain whether they are ancient. In fact, authorities are confident that one of these images is of great value.

In addition, during research, Seven fighter pilots' helmets were found, as well as an album full of his photos, in which he wears a pilot's uniform and helmet and is on US fighter jets, but also of the Greek Air Force.

Authorities are investigating how the helmets were found in the possession of the pseudo-doctor, as it is non-commercial military equipment.

"It simply came to our notice then that the treatment we gave the child was recommended by the doctors, with protocols, the treatments, These chemotherapies are completely useless and only harm the child. And he insisted that with his own pioneering treatments that are under approval we will have a complete cure. ".

The 14-year-old's uncle

The uncle of the 14-year-old who died of cancer in Kos spoke to the newspaper "Eleftheros Typos" about the way in which the accused deceived their family, playing with their unbearable pain to finally grab them around 19.000 euro. The 47-year-old accused of killing three people gave the unfortunate girl oil and spirits!

"She was found in a diagnostic center, where he did treatments with a child. Others who had the same problem contacted them. He promised them that his treatment would be effective. He told them that the chemotherapy with the protocols applied did not bring the desired results and that they were doing damage.. With his own treatment, he promised a complete cure. ", the 14-year-old's relative told us. "It simply came to our notice then, adding that it is under approval. It was some oils and some spirits. He finally started treatment. After one to two months, she told them that the treatment cost so much money and they paid her in checks. In the end, the treatment didn't work. He said the child was getting better. The child did magnetic, we showed them to him, he saw them and said that the volume was getting smaller. In fact, he was growing up and the child was uncovered. After six and seven months, the child got worse and fell into a coma. ".

The 14-year-old's uncle said that he met him up close at a magnetic appointment. "It simply came to our notice then. Until recently, I was convinced that he was a doctor. We complained to him when we went to the Children's Hospital and in the last magnetic the tumor was very large.. He lied a lot and asked us to continue. In the last magnetic we were informed that there is a large volume and that it is growing ", he added.

According to the relatives of the victims, he said he had contacts on Mount Athos and that he was operating abroad. In "Ε.Τ." A mother of a 16-year-old boy also spoke, who was having trouble moving. "The acquaintance came through a monk on Mount Athos, which man told us that he knows someone who is alternative and who offers healing even in incurable cases. He is a man of God. As an herbalist, he introduced himself and told us that he has great knowledge and that the treatment we follow is definitely not suitable for the child., it will offer nothing. While his own medicine and his own way with some herbs he was giving and some drops will make the child walk to overcome his issue ", stated to "ET" the mother of the 16-year-old and added: "We stopped taking the medicine that was already being taken within three days and what happened; His health deteriorated rapidly, that is, where there was a small issue, the child slowly collapsed. ".

Πληροφορίες αναφέρουν ότι όταν ο «μαϊμού» γιατρός αντίκρισε τους αστυνομικούς στην πόρτα του στο σπίτι του στο Κορωπί τους είπε «σας περίμενα». The police were looking for him 13 whole months. When they found his house, they started watching him even with a drone. Relatives of the victims said that as soon as they started their own treatment, the condition of the patients worsened and so they decided to file a complaint.. The same information states that most victims thought they were dealing with a bad doctor, who made a medical mistake. However, no one realized that the 47-year-old was not a normal doctor.

The revelations are shocking

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