7 tips to deal with sunburn

Summer is the most beautiful season of the year! Carelessness, the longest duration of the day, the anticipation for the holidays and the endless hours by the sea make us a little happier.

Out! These many hours at sea, Nevertheless, are able to seduce us and make us forget to put on sunscreen.

And, sure, to renew it every two hours. Here you are, Well, the sunburn!

Come, tell us honestly, how many times has it happened to you to get ready from home, to put on sunscreen and going to the beach to relax with the conversations, the book and the splash of the wave, completely forgetting to renew your sunscreen. And suddenly as soon as you turn your back on the towel you start to feel a slow and excruciating pain! Yes, Yes, sunburn and you need to act urgently!

First of all, do not touch your skin under any circumstances, because you will be in too much pain and you will suffer unjustly from your burnt skin. Αυτό που πρέπει να κάνεις είναι να ακολουθήσεις τα βήματα που θα βρεις παρακάτω για να ανακουφίσεις και να αναπλάσεις άμεσα την περιοχή.

#1. Find a shower and go downstairs. A cool shower will not eliminate the burn, but will help relieve pain. If you are at home, you can fill the bathtub with water and milk. Milk has the ability to absorb the heat that is in your body, while it also has anti-inflammatory action. So, you will be very relieved of the pain.

#2. Look for the right skin care products. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient, which relieves the burn, while it is present in many beauty products.

#3. Avoid products that contain irritating ingredients. For example, lotions with alcohol are prohibited, because alcohol removes moisture from the skin and causes more irritation.

#4. Hydration. Drink plenty of cold water after sun exposure. Because the body loses fluids when it overheats, it is important to consume enough cold water, to keep the body temperature low and hydrate it deeply.

#5. Avoid the sun. Due to the burn, your skin is even more sensitive to UV rays. If you must be exposed to the sun, it is good to wear a hat, to be under an umbrella and not have exposed the place where you burned.

#6. Do not overdo it with moisture. Many people apply too much moisturizer in an effort to soothe the burn. No! Applying multiple layers can create a barrier that traps heat in the skin. Every four hours is the ideal frequency to apply a moisturizer.

#7. Do not peel burnt skin, because it can cause scarring on the spot. The best thing to do is to let your skin peel on its own.

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