8 benefits of good sleep

If you are not so interested in a regular sleep schedule, this text will make you change your mind…

Sleep is such an essential part of our health, which is strange that we do not talk about him more often. Anyone who has experienced a little more serious sleep problems than occasional insomnia, knows full well that the vicious cycle that begins when it disrupts our sleep schedule is very difficult to break. And its results are becoming visible, soul and body.

And if you were not so interested in maintaining a regular sleep schedule without interruptions and hassles, we have eight reasons to reconsider.

Sleep protects heart health

Chronic sleep deprivation has been associated with elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels., which are both risk factors for heart disease.

It plays a role in some cancers

It has been observed in people who work at night that their body produces less melatonin at night, due to exposure to artificial light. And there are many scientists who claim that the sleep hormone suppresses the development of cancer.

Sleep reduces stress

Beyond the practical part, because we have all fallen asleep when we just could not bear to manage another very bad day, Constant good sleep is associated with generally reduced stress levels.

Insomnia causes inflammation

As long as we lose sleep, stress hormones in the body increase, which have an inflammatory effect and increase the risk of several physical ailments, from heart disease to diabetes.

Sleep improves concentration

We have all experienced it: We go to work after a watchful night, and our sense of concentration is at its worst. When insomnia is a chronic problem, its effect on concentration also becomes a chronic problem.

Sleep improves memory

Is not 100% the relationship between sleep and memory is understandable, but it is believed that while we sleep, our brain in the background makes a playback of our day, finds connecting patterns between situations and individuals, but it also separates the memories into those to be kept for the next day, and those who “throws in the trash” (that is, to the unclaimed, to usually appear at the most irrelevant or inappropriate time – we do not say this as iatronet, we say it as people). Many experts speculate that this “flying in the trash” are essentially our dreams. When sleep is poor and short, this process does not happen normally, resulting in our memory becoming somewhat blurred.

Contributes to weight loss

The two most well-known keys to weight loss are diet and exercise, but sleep also plays a big role. When we do not sleep properly or enough, hormones are regulated in the body that affect our appetite. also, we all know how to cope with drowsiness during the day, it is very likely to resort to simple carbohydrates.

Reduces the risk of depression

Lack of sleep also affects serotonin levels in the body. In combination with the worsening of stress, Depressive tendencies are quite likely to occur in people experiencing chronic insomnia.

Source: iatronet.gr

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