Auditors of the National Transparency Authority make a damn thing about Mamatsio - Complaints about virtual sick and regular surgeries in the middle of Covid

Inspectors-Auditors of the National Transparency Authority have been at the Mamatsio Hospital in Kozani for two days now. According to information from prlogos, the investigation started about a month ago after a teacher complained about a virtual illness to a colleague..

On the occasion of this event , gynecological-obstetric is checked for other such similar cases, the orthopedic clinic for the surgeries he performed, but also the surgical clinic for a monopoly of regular surgeries in the midst of a pandemic .

Each clinic is asked to answer a specific questionnaire, top secret. Apparently the audit also emerged after complaints possibly from within with the list of surgeries being known to all. As for the sick, it is a big issue that does not exclusively concern the Hospital of Kozani with the services to parties, court witnesses, teachers , doctors and not just become dense -frequently.

We remind you that some time ago the National Transparency Authority proceeded with the evaluation of the observance of the control procedures and the requirements included in the national vaccination operational plan against COVID-19. The Authority assumes all the responsibilities of five key public audit bodies and the Body of Health and Welfare Services Inspectors.

Ioanna Papadimitriou



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