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Research: What does the "ladder test" show for your heart?

Those who walk up the four-story staircase in less than a minute have good heart health, according to Spanish scientists. If, Nevertheless, make over one and a half minutes, then better to visit a cardiologist.

This simple "ladder test" on cardiovascular health was presented by researchers, headed by cardiologist Jes Πεs Peteiro of Coruna University Hospital A, at an online conference of the European Society of Cardiology.

"Stairs are an easy way to check your heart health. If you need more than one and a half minutes to climb four floors, your health is not the best possible and it would be a good idea to consult a doctor ", said Dr. Peteiro.

The method was tested in 165 people with suspected symptoms of coronary heart disease (chest pains, shortness of breath during exercise etc.). Participants first took a fatigue test and then, after a short rest, were called up 60 stairs at a fast pace without stopping, while timing.

Those who climbed the stairs to 40 to 45 seconds had the best cardiometabolic function and lowest mortality in a decade (to 1% per year or 10% in a decade). Those who did more than one and a half minutes had a mortality rate 2% to 4% per year or 30% in a decade. Of the latter, almost six out of ten (58%) showed some heart failure on the fatigue test, against a percentage 32% among those who climbed the stairs in less than a minute.

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