How much should you sleep depending on your age

Regular and restful sleep is a basic condition for our good physical and mental health. But how much should we sleep depending on our age;

And when we talk about ages we mean the decades that a woman goes through and the needs that she has to cover with her daily sleep.

How much sleep do we need?;

This answer varies from person to person and of course from the stage in his life. The recommended continuous time varies between 7-8 hours, but quality is more important than quantity, says expert Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan.

"If you sleep 6 hours of deep and uninterrupted sleep is better than sleep 7 the 8 hours of sleep with holidays ». Our night sleep is divided into 5 circles 90 minutes – 4 phases from light to deep sleep and 1 from the so-called REM (rapid eye movement).

"The healing process takes place during deep sleep", says Dr. Ramlakhan. But it can be disrupted by things like snoring – a very common problem that we often hesitate to tackle.

In the 40 you

This can be a tumultuous decade of your life, with many professional and family concerns, as at the same time you have to manage your time among the children, of work, of the family and -maybe- of caring for your elderly parents.

"Most women fall into bed after a long day without giving their brain or body a chance to relax.", says the sleep specialist, Dr. Neil Stanley. Turning off our brain before going to bed is the key to a good night's sleep..

How can you do that?; Establish a program. Go to bed at the same time every night and also get up at the same time. This way your body will have a "biological clock" of sleep and wakefulness. It will also be good to have a daily shutdown routine 30 minutes. Find things that relax you. Avoid stimulants, displays, caffeine, painful exercise etc.. Do something relaxing. Enjoy a warm bath, a glass of wine, a favorite book or relaxing music, do meditation or breathing exercises. You can not imagine how differently you will experience your sleep process!

In the 50 you

The hormones that start going crazy again, there, around menopause, can make it difficult for you to sleep - including reduced levels of relaxing hormones such as progesterone.

In addition, you are more likely to have intermittent sleep during the night, with problems such as feeling cold or hot.

Studies have shown that 62% of women who are in the process of menopause suffer from restless sleep, who has been linked to chronic health problems, including heart disease and diabetes.

How can you deal with it?; Keep your bedroom cool and opt for light nightgowns and natural fiber bedding. This way you will avoid sweat. Try blackout blinds and curtains during the summer months to keep your room as dark and cool as you can when you sleep.. also, the pillows and the mattress should be comfortable.

Doctors forbid pets in the bedroom because they wake up at night and can interrupt our sleep. Do not watch TV in bed. Use your bed for relaxation and sex only. Do not forget: anything else that stimulates your brain, may interfere with your sleep.

In the 60 you

Changes in your daily routine, at this stage of your life, can cause major disturbances. It is the stage when a woman retires, that children leave home and therefore the changes are suddenly great.

"It's very common for women, as they grow older, to suddenly find that they have trouble sleeping ", says the sleep teacher, Irρ Irshaad Ebrahim, of the London Sleep Center.

"You may find that you need to think a little more about your bedroom environment and lifestyle choices as you grow older., to improve the quality of your night's sleep ", continues. How do you deal with it?; Reducing alcohol, caffeine and smoking, which are characterized as the main culprits of sleep disorder.

Regular physical activity is essential for improving the quality of your sleep and reducing stress.. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes, five times a week, and ideally outdoors. A brisk walk is ideal.

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