Schools: Parents react to the masks – What the Deputy Minister of Education says

Many parents react to the mandatory use of a mask today, first day or did not let their children go to school, or they went trying to get into school buildings without a mask, without finally being allowed to enter.

In Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Many incidents were recorded in Crete and elsewhere. A mother of five talking to ANT1 about her objections to the use of a mask, which not even the same time, he said characteristically:

“It is mandatory to use a mask for what reason; There are infectious disease and epidemiologists who claim that children should not wear it because it hurts. Also some of those who today say that children must wear a mask, they used to say others. And where are the studies that say that masks will not cause a problem in children; They force us to do things for which there is no scientific data. No one in charge, infectious disease specialist, Minister etc.. he does not sign that he takes responsibility if my child suffers from the use of a mask”.

Father in Thessaloniki: At most children should not go to school for a year

Father in Thessaloniki, as broadcast by SKAI, tried to explain his decision not to mask his children even if it meant they would be absent by saying that “children at most not to go to school for a year Asked why he made this decision while it is a matter of public health in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the father replied "if there was a pandemic we would all have to collapse". "We are the only country that is doing this, 9 "Forcing children to wear a mask," he continued.

They expelled children from a school in Patras

Five children were expelled from a school in Patras as they were not wearing a mask. The school management did not allow them to enter the school complex, as the use of the mask is mandatory for students and teachers in the context of coronavirus protection measures.

Side songs in Heraklion, Crete

First day of the school year and the side songs started in a school in Heraklion, Crete. Specifically at the Primary School of Gournes a small group of parents did not allow their children to go to school due to the mandatory use of a mask according to In fact, they demonstrated outside the school holding masks that had various slogans on them, such as “free speech muzzle”, “childbirth get ready”. Then they took the books and left the primary school of Gournes.

Outside of school he was asked to leave by a teacher, a student who refused to wear a mask at the 1st GEL Kordelio. As the student told her mother on the way out of school, was informed that if he does not wear a mask he will have to go out of school and that he will take the corresponding absences, nevertheless the student refused to comply with the suggestion and dropped out of school.

What Sofia Zacharaki said

Schools are opening this year under special conditions, due to the pandemic, with the Deputy Minister of Education admitting speaking to ANT1 and the show "Good Morning Greece" that this is "a new reality for children". "The children will adapt, but we adults are here to support them ", said Sofia Zacharaki.

Responding to the deniers of the mask, stressed that the recommendation for a mask is "educational", stressing that this is "a great challenge facing the world to be divided in this too".

Regarding the issue of compliance with the measures by children, The Undersecretary of Education expressed the certainty that, "Teachers will have a training role". About finding new rooms, to decongest existing ones, he replied that "as much as it sounds that there are rooms, they do not exist".

"The rules must apply to everyone. We want to make our schools the safest places ", commented Sofia Zacharaki. Asked about what will happen in case of a case to a student, underlined that “there is a special protocol, which has been updated and has become a task force for when a case occurs ", assuring that, "Every school unit should know what to do".

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